Take Control
of Your Data


The 3 Things You Get For Participating:

Get Paid

You—not the mega tech companies—get paid for data about you.

Give Consent

Opt in and out of offers. You can’t be tracked without permission.

Gain Control

Become part of the movement demanding consumer control over personal online data.

How Tech Companies Use
Your Personal Data

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Did you know that web and search companies will make over $120 billion dollars this year by selling your online data?

Learn how tech companies use your personal data and how you can regain control.

How bitdoor Works

1. Know your worth.
Keep track of your credit and income scores. To get the best rates, you need to be
informed. We provide you with the knowledge and data to make sure you get the credit
that you deserve.

2. You share what you like to buy.
With your permission, we access information from your card statements that show what
you spend money on. We summarize it and share it with companies who want your business.

3. Companies make an offer for your business.
Stores, restaurants, service providers and other merchants incentivize you to buy from
them. How? By offering cash-back offers and discounts based on your preferences.
You use bitdoor to control which companies see your data.

4. You get paid.
Just click to accept offers that appeal to you most. The cash payment or discount is
automatically applied directly to your debit or credit card. It’s easy to get the savings
you’re looking for, while keeping your personal information safe.

Did You Know?

Big tech conglomerates will make more than $120 billion this year by selling online data—including yours.

Search engines and social media platforms are constantly tracking your information. Then they sell it without your permission.

bitdoor makes it possible to sell your own data directly to companies you’re interested in doing business with. So you minimize spam ads, maximize cashback offers and discounts—and profit off your data directly.

Learn more about how you can gain control—and get paid—for the information that belongs to you.

About Us

The Data Movement Built by the People for the People
We started bitdoor because we believe the way web companies use personal data isn’t fair. We believe data created online—on apps, search engines and mobile phones—should belong to its rightful owners.

If it’s your data, then you should control it and benefit from it directly.

We launched this platform because we realized it was going to be hard for any one person to regain control of their online data. Not when a gigantic industry has been built to help themselves to it and sell it to the highest bidder.

Our company helps people like you take control of their personal data. We invite you to join the movement.