The following terms and definitions are used in the Bitdoor Terms as well as across the Bitdoor Platform and network.

  1. Account” means the account you create on the Bitdoor Platform to access Bitdoor Services.
  2. Account Information” means information about your Offers, interaction with and redemption of Offers, and account activity.
  3. Applicable Laws” means any applicable country, federal, state, and local law, legislation, ordinance, statute, regulation, order, regulatory policy (including any requirement or notice of any regulatory body), rule of court or directives, binding court decision, or precedent.
  4. Bitdoor Site” is the website offered by Bitdoor at including any mobile or co-branded version of such site.
  5. Bitdoor Service” is any product or service including, without limitation, email subscriptions, offered by Bitdoor or accessed via the Bitdoor Platform or Bitdoor Site.
  6. Campaign” means advertising, promotional, or marketing campaigns featuring card-linked offers enabled by Bitdoor that you may redeem by using an Enrolled Card.
  7. Enrolled Card” means a card that you have enrolled and activated in the Bitdoor Platform to be used in a Bitdoor Service.
  8. Enrolled Card Information” means information pertaining to an Enrolled Card.
  9. Merchants” means a business with access to the Merchant Portal, or other business sponsoring a particular Offer.
  10. Offer” means an offer to earn identified card-linked benefits which may consist of an action that you are required to take to claim and may include, but is not limited to, an amount that needs to spent (excluding tax and tip), as well as an expiration date for the offer, and any additional terms or limitations associated with the offer.
  11. Payment Processors” are third party payment processors which may include First Data, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Rewards Network.
  12. Privacy Policy” means the Bitdoor Privacy Policy, which may be updated from time to time, available here:
  13. Transaction Information” consists of details about transactions related to Offers, which may include date, time, Merchant name and ID, last four digits of the payment card, and the amount of the transaction provided by Payment Processors and other third parties.