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Bitdoor is a Clover app that puts you, the merchant, in control. Our app enables you to access and track information about your in-store customers so that you can reward them for shopping with you and also provide offers to acquire new customers.

How It Works

By activating bitdoor, you open the door to consumer data. You will receive actionable, data driven insights about customers that opt in including:

  • New Customer Alerts – Who is new to your store
  • Frequency – How often customers visit your store?
  • Average Purchase – How much do they buy?
  • Response/Conversion- How many customers converted from your offer?

The best part is that with this data, we will help you take action by crafting unique offers for your customers. These actions include:

  • Virtual Punch Card- Reward Loyal Customers With Discounts For Returning
  • Card-linked Offer – Custom cash back discounts to acquire customers